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The HoffmanLaw Office defends drivers who have been issued traffic tickets in Lakemoor, Illinois.

My name is Matt Hoffman. I'm a Lake County, Illinois traffic court defense lawyer with more than 20 years' experience working in the Lake County, Illinois traffic courts.

I'm also a former Lake County, Illinois Assistant State's Attorney and former Lake County, Illinois traffic court prosecutor.

I spent six years as a Lake County prosecutor before I began defending and fighting for my clients in the Lake County traffic courts.

I defend drivers against Lakemoor, Illinois traffic tickets at the Round Lake Beach Branch Courthouse located at 1792 Nicole Lane in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.

I appear at the Round Lake Beach Branch Court routinely in the defense of my clients against all types of alleged Lake County traffic violations.

If you're looking to speak with an experienced Lake County, Illinois traffic court defense lawyer about your Lakemoor traffic ticket, or about any other Lake County, Illinois traffic citation, I offer a free consultation on every case.

Portions of U.S Highway 12 and Illinois Route 120 pass through the Village of Lakemoor in Lake County. Being within the boundaries of Lakemoor, these areas are subject to Lakemoor law authority jurisdiction.

Tickets issued to drivers in these areas may include charges of misdemeanor speeding or "Scott's Law" violations. When issued in the Lake County portions of Lakemoor, these tickets are assigned to the Round Lake Beach branch courthouse.

A misdemeanor speeding ticket alleges speeding 26 or more miles per hour over the speed limit. An Illinois misdemeanor speeding ticket is punishable by higher fines than a petty offense speeding ticket, which alleges speeding 25 miles per hour over or less, and also is punishable by jail time.

A "Scott's Law" ticket typically alleges a driver did not change lanes on approaching a stopped emergency vehicle when and as required to have done so, or that the driver failed to properly reduce speed and/or maintain a safe distance from the stopped emergency vehicle when changing lanes was impossible or unsafe.

An Illinois "Scott's Law" ticket carries a potential fine of between $250 and $10,000. In certain situations where additional factors apply the potential penalties become more severe.

I have many years' experience defending clients against Lake County misdemeanor speeding and "Scott's Law" tickets. I also have many years' experience defending drivers against Lakemoor, Illinois traffic tickets at the Round Lake Beach branch court.

If you're dealing with one of these tickets, you can contact me today to discuss your case.

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If you're considering working with an attorney to defend your Lakemoor, Illinois traffic ticket(s) at the Round Lake Beach Branch courthouse, I'm ready to get to work and fight for a positive resolution of your case.

~Attorney Matt Hoffman, the HoffmanLaw Office

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The HoffmanLaw Office always is focused on the presumption of innocence. Building on this presumption, the HoffmanLaw Office performs a systematic and searching ANALYSIS of the facts alleged in your Lakemoor traffic case assigned to the Round Lake Beach, Illinois courthouse. This intensive analysis exposes weakness in the prosecution's evidence and develops powerful defense arguments and strategies.

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The HoffmanLaw Office strives to know completely the facts and law of your case. In traffic court, good results do not often emerge by chance. They come through intense PREPARATION that lays the groundwork for success. When you select the HoffmanLaw Office as your legal advocate on your Lakemoor traffic ticket, you team yourself with a philosophy of extreme preparation.

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The HoffmanLaw Office views every time it appears in court with you as an opportunity to achieve RESULTS. Whether it is negotiating during a pretrial conference, cross-examining a witness, or delivering a closing argument at trial, the HoffmanLaw Office strives to be your best advocate at all times.

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