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Former Lake County Assistant State's Attorney

Matt Hoffman Attorney at Law

Matt Hoffman Attorney at Law

We work in all Lake County courts: Waukegan, Mundelein, Park City, Round Lake Beach and at the juvenile delinquency courthouse in Vernon Hills.

Headed by a former Lake County Assistant State's Attorney and seasoned felony court prosecutor, the HoffmanLaw Office has practiced in the Lake County criminal justice system over 20 years.

Whether you're charged with a misdemeanor, felony, DUI or traffic offense, we're ready to get to work on your case.

When you team up with the HoffmanLaw Office, you join forces with a highly experienced and dedicated Lake County defense attorney. We'll never lose sight of the importance your case. We offer a free consultation.

Our knowledge of and experience with the Lake County criminal and traffic court system is extensive. We have more than 20 years of combined defense and prosecution experience in the Lake County criminal and traffic courts.

Our multifaceted and diverse experience gives us the powerful ability to identify and analyze important legal issues and meet the challenges of defending your case with intelligence, insight and resolve.

Also, our background experience in all aspects of Lake County criminal and traffic court litigation allows us to fully engage in the defense of a wide variety of Lake County criminal and traffic matters.

We're equipped to handle and powerfully defend any Lake County criminal or traffic case. We're a dedicated Lake County criminal and traffic court defense law firm.

The HoffmanLaw Office understands the stress, uncertainty and pressure that come from facing a criminal charge, as well as the potential impact a criminal conviction can have on your future.

Lead by a former Lake County, Illinois felony court prosecutor, we know the enormous power the State can wield in pursuing a criminal conviction.

Yet we also know that a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney can stand with equal power in your defense under the Constitution of the United States. The lawyer you choose to defend you in criminal court can have an enormous influence on the outcome of your case.

Serious- that is how the HoffmanLaw Office views every case it handles, no matter what the charge, no matter what the facts, no matter what the potential penalty.

Since your liberty is at stake in a criminal proceeding, there is no small case. Your case is deeply important to us, whether you are charged with a petty offense, ordinance violation, misdemeanor or felony.

Criminal prosecutions usually start with an arrest, an accusation, a charge. But once you have been criminally charged, you are presumed innocent.

It is in the realm of this presumption, this Constitutional protection that shelters the accused, where much of the work of a criminal defense attorney takes place.

Because your liberty is at stake in a criminal proceeding, there is no small case.

~Attorney Matt Hoffman, the HoffmanLaw Office

When we appear in court with a client, the HoffmanLaw Office represents the whole person of the accused- not just the person the State claims is described in a police report on a certain date, in a certain place, and at a certain time.

In vigorously defending your case, and in representing you before the court, the HoffmanLaw Office seeks not only to attack weak elements of or sometimes even to dismantle the State's entire case, but also to bring forth your humanity and your many positive contributions to society.

Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in the Lake County criminal and traffic courts, the HoffmanLaw Office has the knowledge and skill necessary to strongly defend your case.

Our firm blends experience with intelligence.

We combine legal knowledge with a hard-won instinct developed over many years of criminal and trial court practice against the same prosecutors and in front of the same local judges.

We offer you the power of confidence in accepting the duty and the honor of defending your unique criminal or traffic case.

foundation of criminal defense success in lake county il

Analyzing Charges

Studying how the prosecution has charged your case is a critical first step in building your defense.

Scrutinizing Facts

Questioning the prosecution's case against you can reveal new lines of defense and countervailing facts.

Investigating Evidence

Deploying investigative strategies to develop a defense case can produce game-changing information.

Advancing Pretrial Motions

The effective use of pretrial motions can severely hinder and even destroy the prosecution's case.

Advocating Results

The art of oral advocacy and skillful negotiation can yield supreme results.

Winning at Trial

Preparing for trial with determination and commitment builds a platform for trial success.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

~Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The HoffmanLaw Office takes a foundational approach to criminal defense. This approach is built on a careful and detailed analysis of every aspect of the prosecution's case against you.

HoffmanLaw lead attorney Matt Hoffman originally developed this analytical method of working on criminal cases during the years he spent as a front line prosecutor in the Lake County State's Attorney's Office.

What's the significance of being a former prosecutor?

As a prosecutor, Matt learned very effectively to deal with and resolve the problems, as well as to meet the challenges, of working as a legal advocate in Lake County criminal court.

During his more than six years working on almost a daily basis in the criminal, DUI, traffic and juvenile courtrooms of Lake County, Illinois, Matt became a highly respected prosecutor.

He developed a reputation for not backing down from and for actually pursuing the toughest and most complicated criminal cases.

When he left the State's Attorney's Office in 2005, Matt took his skill set with him. And so began HoffmanLaw.

What the HoffmanLaw Office does is defend the accused. We are your advocate.

We defend people just like you- people who are facing misdemeanor, felony or DUI charges at the main Lake County courthouse in downtown Waukegan, people who are dealing with traffic tickets at any of the various Lake County branch courts, and younger people who are defending allegations of juvenile delinquency at the Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex in Vernon Hills.

What do we set out to accomplish in defending your case?

When we take on a criminal, DUI, traffic or juvenile case, we aim to make a difference. We energetically set out to explore the issues in your case, to examine the facts, and to design strategies aimed at achieving a favorable resolution of the charges against you.

Our foundational approach to criminal defense is based, in part, on the Socratic Method.

What is the Socratic Method?

The Socratic Method involves asking questions to get to the truth.

The more questions we ask, oftentimes the greater the number of new defense strategies we will reveal. Sometimes, entirely new lines of defense materialize during our persistent inquiry. Without our questions, these defenses never would have emerged.

The HoffmanLaw Office asks questions also to avoid dangers that can ensnare less diligent criminal defense attorneys- assumptions.

Perhaps the most destructive assumption of all in criminal defense work is that the defendant really is guilty as charged. Not only does this assumption disregard the presumption of innocence, but it forecloses the ability to develop what could become a devastatingly potent defense.

Does the HoffmanLaw Office ever make assumptions about a case?

The HoffmanLaw Office never makes assumptions about your case.

When we begin our work on your case, we will analyze. Then, we will question. We will question again, and explore, and ask more questions. And then we will prepare to achieve and then actually envision reaching success in your case in court.

Our foundational approach to criminal defense has produced success in the Lake County felony, misdemeanor, DUI, traffic and juvenile courts for over twenty years.

Developed originally by a tough and hardworking prosecutor, we have only refined and strengthened our approach by enhancing its underlying knowledge, skills and practices. What we can do now is put everything we have learned to work for you.


Analyzing Your Charges and Deconstructing Your Criminal Case

An initial step in our foundational approach to criminal defense is our analysis of the charges you face. When the prosecution drafts the charges in your criminal case, it must make a number of crucial decisions.

These decisions, made in the very beginning of the criminal court proceedings against you, actually can have an enormous impact on how your entire case is resolved.

If the prosecution makes mistakes in how it charges your case, then your criminal defense lawyer needs to exploit those mistakes to your advantage.

HoffmanLaw lead lawyer Matt Hoffman knows how important it is for the prosecution to properly charge your case from his own firsthand experience as a former Criminal Division Lake County Assistant State's Attorney.

When he worked for years as a prosecutor, it was his job to review police reports, to apply the facts to the law, and to decide which specific criminal charges to formally write out and allege against the accused.

It is exactly these same charges, conceived at the very start of the proceedings, on which your case ultimately could proceed to trial.

Why is it so important to take a close look at your charges?

Over the years, the HoffmanLaw Office has learned that your defense must begin with an analysis of the charges you face.

We will look closely at your charges, noting how they are worded and the legal authority on which they rely, as well as scrutinizing exactly what type of criminal conduct they claim occurred.

Our initial analysis of how the prosecution chose to charge its case against you will serve us as a benchmark and reference point from which we can envision and start to build your defense.

Although you have no burden of proof in your criminal case- you never have to prove your innocence- once we have familiarized ourselves with the prosecution's accusations, we will start to think of ways to counteract them, to challenge them, to deny them and to discredit them.

Looking closely at the wording and structure of your criminal charges is a first step in fighting back.

A hard fought criminal case can take some time to resolve. It is when your criminal case actually proceeds to trial that the prosecution's initial charging decisions fall under extreme and intense scrutiny.

Those charges are what contain the allegations and the elements of the offenses the prosecution will attempt to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

By studying and questioning your charges from the very beginning of our work on your case, we will have developed strategies to resist and discredit what they claim.

No matter how strong the facts or how well-proven the prosecution's case against you ultimately may be at trial, if the facts proven do not actually sustain the elements of the offenses charged, you must be found not-guilty.

From this perspective, it actually can be said that a criminal case that has not been properly charged from the very beginning can, in the hands of a highly skilled defense attorney, create its own not-guilty verdict in the end.

With this attention to detail has HoffmanLaw achieved real-world results?

The HoffmanLaw Office knows the importance of analyzing the charges against you. We have done exactly that in our clients' cases for years.

Our work has led to multiple serious criminal cases being entirely dismissed or drastically reduced.

In those instances, we were able to show that the original charges against our clients were broken, totally flawed, factually unsustainable, legally suspect, or for some other reason off-base and deficient.

In our opinion, any credible defense of your Lake County traffic, misdemeanor, DUI or felony case must commence with a highly skeptical look at the charges themselves.



Scrutinizing the "Facts" and Investigating Evidence

Under the law, as the defendant in a criminal case, you have the right to see and hear the witnesses and evidence against you at trial in open court. If your criminal case ultimately does proceed to trial, it will be only after the conclusion of the discovery process.

The discovery process in your criminal case is where the prosecution turns over police reports, witness statements, and other evidence to the defense.

This type of discovery often is called the "disclosure to the accused." During the discovery process, the defense also may make specific disclosures of witnesses and evidence to the prosecution.

Another major component of the HoffmanLaw Office's foundational approach to criminal defense involves a searching analysis of the prosecution's discovery materials. It is by using the "information" in these materials that the prosecution ultimately will try to prove its case against you.

Although the prosecution will rely on the police report to try to prove its case, the HoffmanLaw Office never has examined a police report that does not contain at least some evidence favorable to the defense.

No matter how heavily biased it may be toward the prosecution, the police report in your case invariably will contain information that benefits your side of the case.

It is the HoffmanLaw Office's philosophy that every single criminal case has the potential of reasonable doubt woven right into its very fabric.

Oftentimes, our foundational analysis requires our best-effort determination of whether that reasonable doubt effectively can be brought out at trial.

Our systematic, foundational analysis of the prosecution's discovery often opens up avenues of factual exploration and attack for the defense.

When appropriate, the HoffmanLaw Office will use the subpoeana power of the court to compel the production of documentary evidence favorable to your case. Also, we can work with process servers and investigators to locate and secure subpoena power over necessary and even uncooperative witnesses.

Does the HoffmanLaw Office have experience with expert witnesses?

In cases where the prosecution discloses an intention to call an expert witness at trial, the HoffmanLaw Office has the ability to consult with and secure your own expert witness who might arrive at an entirely different theory of the case.

Criminal defense lawyer Matt Hoffman has years of experience in working with dedicated, highly trained investigators in developing new and potent evidence in criminal cases.

What if the facts seem stacked against you?

Our foundational approach to criminal defense requires a detailed analysis of the factual environment of your criminal case.

Even in situations where the applicable law may seem to favor victory for the prosecution, if the facts required to sustain a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt just do not exist, then the defense must leverage this weakness in working against the prosecution's case.

Engaging in this fact-finding process means exercising nothing short of your most basic Constitutional rights.


Advancing Pretrial Motions & Implementing Strategies & Tactics

The HoffmanLaw Office strives to accomplish something at every court appearance in your case. We believe going to court is an opportunity for us to make progress toward resolving your charges.

Whether it is through our discussions with the prosecutor, furnishing the prosecution evidence we have developed in mitigation, or calling witnesses to testify in a contested pretrial hearing, the HoffmanLaw Office views each court appearance as a chance to engage in advocacy on your behalf.

At this pretrial phase of your defense, the HoffmanLaw Office's foundational approach continues to build on work we have already done in your case.

Sometimes, we will write and file one or more pretrial motions. A pretrial motion can take many different forms and request many different types of findings and orders of the court.

A written pretrial motion might contain a simple request for additional discovery from the prosecution, or could spell out an aggressive, global attack on the prosecution's entire case in the form of a motion to dismiss.

Other pretrial motions the HoffmanLaw Office could file in your case include a motion to suppress confession, a motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence, or a motion to suppress identification.

What can pretrial motions accomplish?

Depending on issues we uncover during the analytical and investigative phases of your case, we could recommend the filing of any number of pretrial motions aimed at attacking, discrediting, and undermining the prosecution's case.

There are, indeed, scenarios where the outcome of a pretrial motion is so significant that it can determine the result of your entire criminal case.

Winning a motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence, for instance, can so completely damage the prosecution's ability to proceed that the charges against you must be dismissed.

In one case, the HoffmanLaw Office waged an attack on a search warrant that resulted in the seizure of evidence from and felony charges against our client.

The search warrant itself had been reviewed and approved by a judge. Yet, during our analysis of the facts and law behind the search warrant, we discovered that the search warrant had been issued in violation of a decision of the Supreme Court of the United States.

So, we wrote a pretrial motion asking the court to throw out all of the evidence the police had seized when they executed their search warrant on our client's home.

Our investigation and analysis of the facts and evidence during this pretrial phase of our client's case, in conjunction with our highly effective use of a pretrial motion, led to the dismissal of all charges.


Advocating Results by Negotiating for Substantial Effect

Plea bargaining. Negotiating. Seeking to reach agreement. All of these are appropriate alternative methods for a criminal defense attorney to attempt to resolve your criminal case.

Another component of the HoffmanLaw Office's foundational approach to Lake County criminal defense is never to foreclose the opportunity to conclude a case through agreement.

Fundamental to your criminal defense lawyer's job is the global, overarching analysis of not just the facts, but of your entire case.

What other factors can be considered in resolving your criminal charges?

What may constitute your "entire case" can include not only the facts and applicable law, but the potential penalties, whether discretionary or mandatory, any criminal history you may have, your greater life situation, including your occupation and employment history, positive contributions to society, need to support dependents or a family, history of success in treatment, and other human factors neither described nor mentioned in the police report.

No criminal case must be resolved by negotiation. In some situations, negotiating and plea bargaining can, however, make a lot of sense. This is due primarily to the risk of trial.

If a case goes to trial and ends in a guilty verdict, a sentencing hearing will follow.

What is a sentencing hearing?

At the sentencing hearing, the judge who presided over the trial will hear argument from the prosecution and the defense on the sentence each party recommends. The judge has the discretion and the power to impose any sentence authorized under the law.

Plea bargaining seeks to avoid the severity of a sentence that would seem at least likely to occur after a trial loss.

Plea bargaining is an art. It is a legal art best practiced with perspective and experience.

Experience in evaluating criminal cases comes through years of practicing criminal law in criminal court.

Experience negotiating in a local criminal court setting comes from years spent appearing before the local judges, getting to know their styles of administering justice, and being able to anticipate the types of sentences they are likely to impose.

The HoffmanLaw Office will bring over 20 years of Lake County criminal court experience to the defense of your case.

Experience negotiating for fairness and justice in the Lake County criminal court system comes from dealing with Lake County Assistant State's Attorneys and other local prosecutors for years.

Intense experience comes from having actually previously stood in the prosecutor's shoes.

The HoffmanLaw Office brings all of these levels of experience to defending your Lake County criminal case.

We know the sometimes amazing power of intelligent and creative negotiations in helping you put your criminal case behind you and in positioning you to move on productively and meaningfully with your life.

The HoffmanLaw Office never takes on a criminal case with the plan to negotiate for a result. We will take on your criminal case with the plan to seek the best possible result.

If the situation arises where negotiating for an outcome will achieve the best possible result in your case, then we have the experience necessary to very powerfully negotiate for that most effective resolution.


Winning at Trial by Being Best Prepared

The ultimate way of resolving the allegations against you in your criminal case is by taking your case to trial.

Most criminal cases do not go all the way to trial. Most are resolved before a judge or jury is tasked with hearing from witnesses, observing the evidence, and rendering a verdict.

Some cases do go to trial. For any number of reasons, the prosecution and defense may not reach an agreement on how the charges are to be resolved.

What we believe to be crucially important in the overall defense of your Lake County criminal case is that we, the HoffmanLaw Office, do not wait for the breakdown of negotiations to start prepping your case for trial.

In fact, by exercising our foundational approach to our defense of your criminal case from our very initial work as your attorney, by the time your case gets to trial, invariably we find that we have been preparing your case for trial from the very start.

As a criminal defense litigator, the HoffmanLaw Office lives with a trial mindset.

All of our work- every action we take on your case throughout all of the court proceedings- is based on the possibility that, at some point, we may be taking your case to trial and seeking victory through the trial process.

HoffmanLaw lead lawyer Matt Hoffman has over twenty years of experience in the Lake County, Illinois court system trying tough and complicated cases.

He has taken many different types of criminal cases to trial before Lake County judges and juries.

Name some types of cases the HoffmanLaw Office has taken to trial.

Attorney Matt Hoffman has tried cases involving drug possession, drug distribution, sex crime, great bodily harm, specific intent to kill, reckless homicide, battery with a firearm, armed robbery, home invasion, possession of a stolen vehicle, disorderly conduct, retail theft, aggravated battery, attempted first degree murder, prostitution, domestic battery, DUI, a wide range of traffic violations, and many, many others.

A keynote factor of every case we have ever tried is the thoroughness of our preparation. The HoffmanLaw Office believes it is impossible for us to underprepare for trial.

Things that happen in trial sometimes happen quickly. A criminal defense lawyer who has intensively studied the facts of your case, carefully prepped witnesses, and planned strategies for devastating cross-examinations will find him or herself able to think and act at trial with lightning speed.

The HoffmanLaw Office strives to know the facts of your case better than our opposition, sometimes virtually memorizing every line of a police report, to position ourselves for success.

Where does the HoffmanLaw Office find inspiration?

Ancient philosopher Sun Tzu, in his Art of War, wrote, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

This type of thinking is at the core of our trial philosophy.

When we take your case to trial, we don't just plunge forward and blindly hope for the best. We plot our course methodically and carefully. We pretest different contingencies and work to anticipate the various twists and turns your trial could take.

We know that, by laboriously and patiently preparing to meet the various challenges your trial could present, we create the circumstances of trial court victory in your case before the jury even is picked.

The HoffmanLaw Office defends clients in criminal cases at the main Lake County courthouse in Waukegan, Illinois

Attorney Matt Hoffman leads the HoffmanLaw Office. Matt began his legal career as a prosecutor in the Lake County, Illinois State's Attorney's Office in 1999. He has practiced criminal law in the Lake County, Illinois criminal courts ever since.

During his years as a prosecutor, Matt worked in the different major divisions of the criminal prosecutions side of State's Attorney's Office. He handled hundreds, if not thousands, of prosecution cases during that time.

While in the State's Attorney's Office, Matt worked in the Traffic, Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, Felony Review, Juvenile, Felony Drug and General Felony Divisions. Matt finished his career as a prosecutor as a full Felony Assistant with daily work in Lake County felony court.

During his time as a prosecutor, Matt brought many different types of traffic, DUI, misdemeanor and felony trials to verdict before both judges and juries. A number of his cases were covered by the press.

Criminal defense lawyer Matt Hoffman's former experience as a Lake County prosecutor is an invaluable asset to his clients in Lake County, Illinois criminal court. This hard-earned experience often gives Matt a deep understanding of how the prosecution views its evidence and how it will try to build its case against you.

This knowledge and its resulting insight allow Matt to anticipate positions the prosecution is likely to take and arguments it is likely to make.

Anticipating our opponent's arguments is the first step in undermining them.

Because attorney Matt Hoffman actually stood in a prosecutor's shoes for years, he never has to take the prosecution's word on the strength of its case.

He draws his own conclusions from his case preparation with his clients and from the evidence. Always, at the core of his advocacy, there exists a powerful focus on pursuing the most favorable outcomes for the defense.

Summaries of Attorney Matt Hoffman's experience as a prosecutor in the Lake County, Illinois State's Attorney's Office are included below.

These summaries, to a large degree, describe years of training Matt accumulated in Lake County criminal court before he established the HoffmanLaw Office, dedicated to criminal defense, in 2005.

Matt accumulated this State's-Attorney's-Office-specific training over the course of slightly more than six years, between 1999 and 2005.

Since 2005, the year he opened HoffmanLaw, Matt has amassed an enormous amount of additional traffic, DUI, misdemeanor and felony court experience throughout the Lake County, Illinois criminal court system. His Lake County criminal court practice now spans more than two decades.

The HoffmanLaw Office defends clients in criminal cases at the main Lake County courthouse in Waukegan, Illinois

The Waukegan criminal courthouse. It's where Lake County, Illinois adult misdemeanor and felony charges are resolved. If you are charged with one of these offenses, or with a Lake County DUI, the Waukegan courthouse is where you will be going until your case is resolved.

Do you think it might be of benefit, when you choose a lawyer to represent you in Waukegan criminal court, that your lawyer has familiarity with how the Waukegan courthouse works? We do.

The HoffmanLaw Office knows how the Waukegan courthouse works.

We've been practicing criminal law there for over twenty years. We have handled criminal, traffic and DUI cases in the Waukegan courthouse for over two decades.

We can provide you a highly experienced Waukegan criminal defense attorney. We have worked on all levels of criminal, DUI and traffic charges in the Waukegan courthouse, the main criminal court building for Lake County, Illinois.

Your HoffmanLaw Waukegan criminal defense lawyer has the experience necessary to defend you against any traffic, DUI or criminal offense pending at the main Lake County criminal courthouse in downtown Waukegan. We defend all levels of DUI charges, including both misdemeanor and felony DUI cases, as well as all criminal misdemeanor and felony offenses under Illinois State law.

Whatever crime you are accused of, whatever type of criminal prosecution you are facing in downtown Waukegan, we have the experience necessary to make a positive difference in the outcome of your case.

The HoffmanLaw Office itself is built on the experience of a former Lake County Assistant State's Attorney, who worked as a prosecutor in the Criminal Division of the Lake County State's Attorney's Office, headquartered in Waukegan, for more than six years.

We are ready to put to work, in the defense of your case, our many years of experience in the Waukegan criminal courtrooms. Our experience makes a difference.

among the best DUI attorneys in Lake County, Illinois

Are you looking for the "Best Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney?" Or the "Best Waukegan Criminal Lawyer?"

Is the HoffmanLaw Office "the best?"

Rather than blithely assert we're "the best" overall criminal, DUI, traffic and juvenile court defense law firm in Lake County, Illinois, we'd prefer to let our credentials and achievements do the talking.

We know Lake County has a number of excellent criminal defense law firms. We know also that we're among them.

In fact, we know we're really, really good at what we do.

Why are we so good? Here's why:

We've been working in the Lake County criminal, DUI, traffic and juvenile courts for over 20 years.

•   We have many years of experience with all levels of criminal, DUI, traffic and juvenile court cases, including petty offense, ordinance violation, misdemeanor and felony charges.

•   We have significant Lake County bench trial experience.

•   We have significant Lake County jury trial experience.

•   We have the background of a former Lake County prosecutor. We'll bring that experience to our defense of your case.

•   We have a long track record of success in Lake County criminal and traffic court.

•   In the past, we've had charges against our clients reduced.

•   We've had charges against our clients dismissed.

•   We've helped many clients avoid potentially severe penalties in criminal and traffic court cases.

So, we won't tell you we're the "best" to get you to retain us.

If, in working with us, you decide we're the best criminal defense law firm in Lake County, Illinois, we won't argue with your assessment.

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Also Defending Juvenile Delinquency Charges in Vernon Hills

The HoffmanLaw Office has many years of experience defending minors who have been charged criminally in formal juvenile delinquency proceedings pending at the Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex in Vernon Hills.

Why HoffmanLaw over other Waukegan courthouse lawyers?

The HoffmanLaw Office offers you everything we believe you should receive from top-notch criminal defense attorneys. First, we offer you serious experience. We have practiced criminal law in Lake County, Illinois for over two decades. In combination, we have handled thousands of felony, misdemeanor, DUI, traffic and juvenile criminal cases in Lake County during this time. Second, we offer you personal service. We work hard to keep you informed of the progress of your case and to make you a key part of the decision-making process on how we work to resolve your case in court. Third, we are goal-oriented. When we defend you in Lake County court, we identify goals we seek to reach in your case. Then, we work tirelessly to try to achieve them.

How much can a former prosecutor help my case?

We cannot place a specific value on what it means for you to hire an attorney, among other attorneys, who actually has former Lake County prosecution experience to defend your case. Nevertheless, we think the value to you of our former prosecution experience is very high. Your HoffmanLaw criminal defense lawyer will be a former Lake County Assistant State's Attorney. This means, very basically, unlike lawyers with no former prosecution experience, your HoffmanLaw lawyer actually will be a person who spent years prosecuting criminal, DUI, traffic and juvenile cases in the Lake County court system. Every time you go to court in your case with your HoffmanLaw attorney, you will be teamed with a lawyer who used to do the opposing prosecutor's job. We believe this first-hand experience fundamentally set us apart from other lawyers who lack such a diverse criminal court background.

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