analysis of lake county il criminal case


The HoffmanLaw Office always is focused on the presumption of innocence. Building on this presumption, the HoffmanLaw Office performs a systematic and searching ANALYSIS of the facts alleged in your case. This intensive analysis exposes weakness in the prosecution's evidence and develops powerful defense arguments and strategies.

preparation of lake county il criminal case


The HoffmanLaw Office strives to know completely the facts and law of your case. In criminal court, good results do not often emerge by chance. They come through intense PREPARATION that lays the groundwork for success. When you select the HoffmanLaw Office as your legal advocate, you team yourself with a philosophy of extreme preparation.

defining results in lake county il criminal case


The HoffmanLaw Office views every time it appears in court with you as an opportunity to achieve RESULTS. Whether it is negotiating during a pretrial conference, cross-examining a witness, or delivering a closing argument at trial, the HoffmanLaw Office strives to be your best advocate at all times.

Facing Lake County Illinois Criminal, DUI or Traffic Charges?

hoffmanlaw does not send junk mail

The HoffmanLaw Office does not use or employ subscription information services in order to mine court records and data on recent traffic, DUI and criminal case filings in the Lake County, Illinois court system, for the purpose of then sending you a letter inviting you to contact and establish a relationship with our firm. While you may have received such letters from other law firms, you will not receive one from HoffmanLaw.

The HoffmanLaw Office does not attempt to secure clients by initiating contact with people who have been charged with crimes. We do not send letters or advertising materials to people who have suffered the misfortune of being criminally charged in order to convince them to hire us. Such uninvited contact runs against the very policies, culture and philosophy of the HoffmanLaw Office. We respect your privacy and will happily discuss your case with you in the event you contact us. You will not, however, find the HoffmanLaw Office reaching out to you by sending you an advertisement or other written propaganda trying to get you to hire us soon after you were charged with a crime.

The HoffmanLaw Office obtains new clients by being a forceful, dependable and trustworthy presence among criminal defense law firms in Lake County, Illinois. We do not obtain new clients by scanning criminal case court records and rushing out letters to the newly accused.

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