Consulting with the HoffmanLaw Office in anticipation of establishing an attorney-client relationship is an information gathering and information analyzing process. During your consultation, the HoffmanLaw Office will seek to discuss with you many different factors of your criminal case. These factors include but are not limited to the following: (1) the nature of your charges, (2) the possible penalties that could be imposed, (3) your criminal history and/or driving record, (4) your understanding of the factual allegations made against you by the police and witnesses, (5) your version of the facts of the case, (6) the circumstances of your arrest and/or the issuance of charges to you, (7) the procedural history of your case, particularly if you have already had judicial involvement in your case, (8) your life circumstances, including but not limited to your family environment, your current employment and history of employment, and sometimes your history of treatment, and (9) your positive contributions to the community, education, and life accomplishments.

The HoffmanLaw Office is here to represent the whole person of you and to be your informed legal advocate in your criminal case. If the attorney-client relationship is established, we view it our responsibility to bring forth all positive aspects of your case and of who you are as a person in mounting a defense. The HoffmanLaw Office believes also that it is our responsibility to prepare to deal as effectively as possible with negative “facts” of your case. This means being able to put those "facts" into perspective and being ready to question their validity, to attempt to neutralize them, or even to wage an outright aggressive attack on them in order to attempt to utterly destroy their potency.

In addition to obtaining a general survey of your case and accumulating an understanding of the various issues that likely will arise in court, during its consultation with you the HoffmanLaw Office will endeavor to educate you about what makes us such an intensively experienced Lake County, Illinois criminal defense law firm. We believe that in order for you to make an informed decision in selecting your legal advocate, you are entitled to know and should know a number of other additional factors describing the lawyer who will be defending you in court: (1) the lawyer's amount of experience with the specific charges you face, (2) the lawyer's experience with and knowledge of the judge presiding over your case, (3) the lawyer's experience with and knowledge of the prosecutor or prosecutors on your case, (4) the geographic scope of the lawyer's criminal court practice, whether the lawyer practices entirely within or also outside Lake County, Illinois, (5) the scope of the lawyer's practice area, and whether the lawyer handles exclusively criminal, traffic and DUI cases or whether the lawyer is more a general practitioner who handles other areas of law, such as family law or real estate, (6) how many years the lawyer has been practicing criminal law in Lake County, Illinois, (7) whether the lawyer has any former prosecutorial experience in Lake County, Illinois, or formerly worked as a Lake County Assistant State's Attorney or Assistant Public Defender, and (8) the scope and extent of the lawyer's bench and jury trial experience.

The HoffmanLaw Office welcomes your questions about our experience. Our experience is our most powerful asset. Consulting with the HoffmanLaw Office should be a mutually beneficial experience: We learn about you and you learn about us. The HoffmanLaw Office has successfully defended hundreds of clients in the Lake County, Illinois courts. Each of those cases began with an intitial conversation.

How Does the HoffmanLaw Office Define a Case Consultation?

A prospective client consultation is an opportunity to explore the formation of an attorney-client relationship in a Lake County, Illinois criminal case. In this relationship, the HoffmanLaw Office would engage to diligently represent and zealously defend its client while seeking the best possible outcome of the case given the applicable facts and law. A consultation, most basically, is demonstrative of a chance to help someone who needs help, to create and implement problem-solving techniques, and to make a meaningful positive difference in another person's life.

~Attorney Matt Hoffman, the HoffmanLaw Office

analysis of lake county il criminal case


The HoffmanLaw Office always is focused on the presumption of innocence. Building on this presumption, the HoffmanLaw Office performs a systemmatic and searching ANALYSIS of the facts alleged in your case. This intensive analysis exposes weakness in the prosecution's evidence and develops powerful defense arguments and strategies.

preparation of lake county il criminal case


The HoffmanLaw Office strives to know completely the facts and law of your case. In criminal court, good results do not often emerge by chance. They come through intense PREPARATION that lays the groundwork for success. When you select the HoffmanLaw Office as your legal advocate, you team yourself with a philosophy of extreme preparation.

defining results in lake county il criminal case


The HoffmanLaw Office views every time it appears in court with you as an opportunity to achieve RESULTS. Whether it is negotiating during a pretrial conference, cross-examining a witness, or delivering a closing argument at trial, the HoffmanLaw Office strives to be your best advocate at all times.

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Am I required to hire an attorney?

No. You are not required to hire an attorney to defend you in your criminal case. You have a constitutional right to self-representation. Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 806, 95 S.Ct. 2525, 45 L. Ed. 2d. 562 (1975). In the event you choose to defend yourself, however, you will be held to the same standard in defending yourself as would be an attorney. The court wil not grant you special rules because you do not have a law degree or law license and will not be able to give you legal advice or assist you in any substantive way. If you are unable to afford an attorney, and you are seeking legal representation, an attorney will be appointed to represent you by the court.

Are all criminal case consultations free?

The HoffmanLaw office does not charge a fee for a traffic, DUI or criminal case consultation. We believe talking or meeting with a prospective client affords us the benefit of offering to the public top-notch legal services in the Lake County, Illinois criminal courts. Foregoing charging a fee for a criminal case consultation prevents any unnecessary barriers from arising that might discourage someone who needs our help from reaching out to us to discuss his or her case. We are here to provide a service to the community, and by not seeking a fee for a consultation, we are making ourselves as approachable and available as possible.

When can I schedule a consultation?

You can schedule a free criminal or traffic case consultation with the HoffmanLaw Office at any time by contacting us by phone or email. We will work with you to schedule an appointment at our office should you wish to discuss your case in person. In some situations, we can consult with you quickly and efficiently over the phone so you gain a general idea how we view your case.

What documents should I bring?

Documents you should bring to your consultation include any and all documents you have received in your case from the police or from the court. Examples of these documents include copies of your tickets and charges, documents pertaining to the conditions of your bond, and any other documents you feel are relevant to a general review of your case.

Does HoffmanLaw handle other types of cases?

No. The HoffmanLaw Office represents only clients who have been charged with traffic, criminal or DUI offenses in adult or juvenile court. The HoffmanLaw Office represents clients only in Lake County, Illinois. We do not practice in other areas of the law, and do not appear in courts outside Lake County. If you are seeking a criminal defense attorney in a nearby county, we may be able to provide you a referral to other counsel.

What are HoffmanLaw's qualifications?

Attorney Matt Hoffman of the HoffmanLaw Office has practiced criminal law in Lake County for more than eighteen consecutive years. During the first six-plus of those years, he reported to Lake County criminal court on an almost daily basis while representing the People of the State of Illinois in all levels of criminal prosecutions. He has spent the last twelve years defending clients against Lake County criminal charges. At your consultation, the HoffmanLaw Office will strive to answer your questions and efficiently identify the issues and provide a general assessment of your case.

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